INTRAcel is an innovative, proven technology producing reliable results, reducing the signs of aging, eliminating wrinkles and correcting scarring with little or no downtime, allowing you to resume your daily life quickly.

Recent Results

After 2 treatments

After 3 treatments

The treatment has been amazing, much more effective than I could ever have imagined. I was frightened at first, but the numbing cream applied before the treatment meant that I could hardly feel a thing.My skin has felt smoother, fresher and clearer this week, plus, and this is the awesome part, I haven’t felt the need to wear foundation or tinted moisturiser.


X Factor singer Chloe Paige


Frequently asked questions:

Why patients choose ULTRAcel

INTRAcel delivers reliable results, with minimal pain, little or no downtime and outstanding improvements to your skin. INTRAcel can help with:
• Fine lines • Wrinkles • Skin texture • Open pores • Stretch marks • Sagging skin/laxity • Acne • Acne scarring • Scars

When will patients see results?

The skin will begin to feel smoother, tighter and lifted immediately after the first treatment. Results from the treatment will continue to improve for up to six months, increasing with additional treatments.

How many treatments will your patients need?

Each patient has a bespoke treatment pathway, however most patients take between 1-3 treatments

What after care routine should patients follow?

It is recommended to use a medically proven skincare regime, this should be discussed during your consultation. Always use a sunscreen (SPF30) to avoid sun damage.

How long before patients can return to normal activities?

Most patients are able to return to their normal routine straight away. Full skin recovery is between 1-6 days