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The INTRAcel Pro™ skin rejuvenation system is an acclaimed non-invasive Fractional RF Microneedling treatment that can deliver proven patient results.

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INTRAcel Pro™ uses 49 microneedles for optimised RF energy delivery. Unlike laser procedures or surgery, INTRAcel Pro™ protects the surface of the skin from damage, allowing patients to resume their daily life quickly. Each treatment type can be individually tailored to meet the needs of the patient. By targeting the deeper layers of the dermis these treatments work by stimulating the collagen, which in turn helps to tighten and resurface the skin with minimal surface damage.

Minimize patient discomfort
Minimize patient discomfort

Using 49 insulated needles at various depths, the epidermal tissue is protected to reduce the burden on the user and minimize patient discomfort.

Customisable depth control
Customisable depth control

Adjustable depth of tissue offers full flexibility through the ability to control various depths of penetration to customise based on your patient’s skin concerns.

Non-invasive needle type
Non-invasive needle type

A non-invasive needle type for superficial radiofrequency rejuvenation and a minimally invasive needle type for fractional radiofrequency microneedling down to the dermis.

treatment areas

Treatment Areas

Patients have extremely high expectations when they come to the clinic, and as a clinic we value safety and results. We have been so impressed with the exceptional, predictable and lasting results across the board for acne, scars, fine lines and laxity to name a few. The micro-needling combined with radiofrequency means that we are able to deliver energy deep into the skin and target skin concerns effectively. INTRAcel Pro is a highly versatile and valued addition to the clinic. No skin clinic is complete without it."

Hayley Jordan RGN DIP, ASC

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Before and After

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