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Convert Aesthetic skin consultations into medical diagnostic treatments with cross-selling opportunities using the OBSERV® 520x, Sylton’s latest technology.


The new generation of skin diagnosis, with a patented Face Positioning System allowing 5 facial photography angles, 8 different light modes for an even deeper skin analysis, which combined with future proof technology, has the potential to convert aesthetic consultations into loyal client experiences.

Step 1 - Initial assessment
Step 1 - Initial assessment

Use OBSERV® 520x to take your client on a journey to discover their skin profile and visualise the characteristics in the various layers of their skin.

Step 2 - Clear consultation
Step 2 - Clear consultation

Show your clients more about themselves than they usually see. Create awareness of their skin concerns and help them to understand these.

Step 3 - Informed treatment
Step 3 - Informed treatment

Create an effective treatment plan that helps your client and allows you to cross-sell your products, aided by the clear pictures you've taken.

8 lighting modes

Observ Lighting Modes

The OBSERV 520x has exceeded my expectations in the ability to increase skin care sales in such a short space of time. I generated £6,000 in skin care sales from one open event, indicating that this device will be extremely beneficial to my business performance. As it takes only 10 seconds to photograph the patient and discover what lies under their skin’s surface, I have more consultation time to identify the possible causes for specific skin concerns so the patient understands these fully. Most importantly, I can create unique, bespoke and carefully planned treatment regimens for my clients.”

Dr Mayoni, The Clinic by Dr Mayoni


Globally, the use of OBSERV® 520x leads to an increase in sales of more than 35%, including an increase in treatment sales, skincare sales and customer satisfaction."

Source: InnoFaith Beauty Sciences


If you’re looking for a lower cost option, we also offer OBSERV® 320 with a slimmed-down feature set, allowing you to better understand your customers needs at a basic level, so you can engage them in a conversation about their skin.

  • Face Positioning System
  • 4 Light Modes
  • Skin Appearance Analysis
  • Light Mode Comparison
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Ghost Function
  • Before and After Comparison

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