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A revolutionary journey beneath the skin‘s surface

Convert Aesthetic skin consultations into medical diagnostic treatments with cross-selling opportunities using the OBSERV® 520x, Sylton’s latest technology.

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Introducing the Observ® 520x

The new generation of skin diagnosis, with a patented Face Positioning System allowing 5 facial photography angles, 8 different light modes for an even deeper skin analysis, which combined with future proof technology, has the potential to convert aesthetic consultations into loyal client experiences.

Step 1 - Initial assessment
Step 1 - Initial assessment

Use OBSERV® 520x to take your client on a journey to discover their skin profile and visualise the characteristics in the various layers of their skin.

Step 2 - Clear consultation
Step 2 - Clear consultation

Show your clients more about themselves than they usually see. Create awareness of their skin concerns and help them to understand these.

Step 3 - Informed treatment
Step 3 - Informed treatment

Create an effective treatment plan that helps your client and allows you to cross-sell your products, aided by the clear pictures you've taken.

8 lighting modes

Observ Lighting Modes

Globally, the use of OBSERV® 520x leads to an increase in sales of more than 35%, including an increase in treatment sales, skincare sales and customer satisfaction."

Source: InnoFaith Beauty Sciences


If you’re looking for a lower cost option, we also offer OBSERV® 320 with a slimmed-down feature set, allowing you to better understand your customers needs at a basic level, so you can engage them in a conversation about their skin.

  • Face Positioning System
  • 4 Light Modes
  • Skin Appearance Analysis
  • Light Mode Comparison
  • Dynamic Reporting
  • Ghost Function
  • Before and After Comparison

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