Linear shot HIFU

Featuring brand new linear-shot technology, ULTRAcel Q+ is able to treat up to 3 times faster than other HIFU devices. It is the perfect non-invasive solution for those patients with a busy lifestyle!


After 3 sessions

After 3 sessions

ULTRAcel Q+ is a huge advancement in HIFU technology and has been revolutionary for the clinic. The fast linear mode is phenomenal at breaking down fat pockets, ideal for those patients who are looking to target stubborn areas on the body. My favourite aspect of ULTRAcel Q+ is that it is perfect for incorporating into treatment packages with medical-grade skincare, allowing me to optimise results for my patients through a combination treatment approach.


Dr Marwa, The Wellness Clinic


What should ULTRAcel Q+ be used to treat?

ULTRAcel Q+ is effective for skin lifting, tightening and facial/body contouring. There is also evidence to suggest it helps with skin brightening.

Does ULTRAcel Q+ interfere with everyday life?

No. Patients can return to daily life immediately after the procedure.

How long does an ULTRAcel Q+ procedure take?

A full face treatment using dot mode takes 8-10 minutes. A full face treatment using linear mode takes 3-5 minutes.

What is difference between ULTRAcel Q+ dot and linear modes?

Speed – The treatment speed for the dot mode is fast compared to other HIFU devices on the market, however, the linear mode speed is unparalleled.

Treatment area – The dot mode reaches about 65°C, which is the optimal temperature for tissue shrinkage, effective for face elasticity and lifting. On the other hand, the linear mode delivers energy to a target area with bulk heating. This technology is effective for volume reduction as the temperature of the surrounding tissue reaches approximately 58°C.

Can the patient have an ULTRAcel Q+ treatment after wrinkle relaxing/filler injections?

Yes, a patient can have wrinkle relaxing/filler injections after an ULTRAcel Q+ treatment.

When can the patient expect full results?

Patients can feel the effect immediately after the procedure, and results improve gradually over the 3 months following treatment as the body produces fresh new collagen.

How many treatments does the patient need?

ULTRAcel Q+ is effective even after one time treatment. However, for more enhanced and lasting effects, patients may require additional treatments